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BUSINESS PLAN                                                        AS REQUIRED                                        FROM $120

BUSINESS PROFILE                                                  AS REQUIRED                                        FROM $100

REPORT                                                                      BRIEF OR DETAILED                              VARIABLE

PROPOSAL                                                                 AS REQUIRED                                        FROM $100

WEBSITE CONTENTS                                                AS REQUIRED                                        VARIABLE

ADVERTISING COPYWRITING                                  AS REQUIRED                                        VARIABLE

WEBSITE DESIGN                                                     STATIC                                                     VARIABLE


A well thought out and documented Business Plan is a requirement for the success of every commercial organisation. This document provides short-term as well as strategic direction. A business plan shows details of every aspect of a business, which includes an executive summary, a marketing plan, a financial plan and profile of entrepreneur(s). There are also other sections.

In reality, unfortunately, many enterprises do not have a documented business plan.  At some stage later on almost every organisation realises that a Business Plan should have been created during its initial stages as a foundation to building the business. The real benefit of having a business plan is that it can keep an organisation on track, all the time, and forever, as long as the business exists. Good managers find this document an essential tool for controlling all aspects of the business. Modifications to this valuable document are made from time to time as the business progresses.

A Business Plan is an essential requirement when a new enterprise/ going concern seek finance/ investment from external sources. At Reliance Business Services, we have written a number of business plans for our clients. Our strength is the quality of our writing and the presentation.

All of the basic information as well as an estimate of sales (which is the foundation for a cash flow forecast) is provided by clients. We usually have one or more telephone consultations with a client to clarify the concept and also to gather all necessary information.

Our role is to clearly communicate the information you have, expand your ideas and complete the writing of your Business Plan in a professional manner.


A Technical Proposal, also known as Statement of Work, is a document that is aimed at influencing a reader so that a project can be obtained.

Its objectives are as follows:

1       Clearly describe the work that is to be completed

2       Explain with clarity - why this work has to be done

3       Persuade the reader that you (the proposer/s) are qualified for the work, that know the method and        have all of the technical and management skills. A proposal also has to clearly depict that you also        have the resources needed to complete the work within the stated time frames and the allocated          budget.

An effective proposal is one that is clear, easy to read and understand. It is also presented and written in a professional manner. Every question that may arise in the mind of the reader is answered and all points are made clear and simple.

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