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Occasionally you will come across employers who will require a one page resume. A detailed resume may be required at a later stage, or a one page resume 
may be considered sufficient. It is advisable that you have access to a one page resume in addition to your standard resume. At Career Design you can have
a one page resume for $40

A brief resume is required occasionally. It is usually two pages in length. At Career Design, you can have a brief resume for $50.


A standard resume is usually between 3 to 5 pages in length. It is designed to reflect your abilities, qualifications and
experience as accurately and as clearly as possible. A resume aims to attain one major objective:  to get an interview.

Why do you need a resume completed by a professional resume writer?

It is a good idea to have a resume reviewed/ written by a professional. There are experts who have specialised in the 

careers field. A successful resume writer has excellent writing skills, varied experience, thorough knowledge of the job 

market and a deep understanding of employers' needs. Moreover, he/ she has a superior marketing and selling skills, 

which will be utilised to highlight your abilities, experience and qualifications to a prospective employer/ recruiter. 

Your resume will show you in the best light, therefore, you should expect to get more job interviews. 

Career Design International - points to consider 

1    We have been in business since 1997. We have acquired long experience in the field of job search consulting

       and resume writing.

2     We have a thorough knowledge of human resource management and a good understanding of employers'

       needs and requirements. We thoroughly understand the Australian job market as we know how it has evolved over

       past 18 years.

3    Our resume writer has an excellent sales background. The acquired selling skills and extensive sales experience will be 

      well utilised to highlight your skills, abilities, attributes and expertise. Your resume should be able to influence the recruiter.

4    Our resume writer holds a Master degree in Management. He has 2 e-books published through Amazon Kindle.

5    Most importantly, we have provided service to over 2,600 Australian clients.  Please read the TESTIMONIALS page in

      this website.

S P E C I A L   O F F E R

Presently we have a special offer available to new clients. Our advertisement can be found in GOOGLE :

Resume + Cover Letter $85

Attractive and effective

Special price. Quality assured

You will receive a resume and standard cover letter. You will be able to customise the standard cover letter every time you make a job application.  

A N O T H E R   A D V E R T I S E M E N T

The following ad can also be found in GOOGLE :

A focused job application 

Your resume customised for 1 role

E-mail your existing resume now

If you wish to apply for a particular job, we will be able to offer you some suggestions that you can apply to slightly modify your resume yourself. In addition to this, we will write a customised cover letter for you. The cost for this service is $30. This can be seen as an excellent value for money, particularly if you feel that your existing resume is of good quality. Your chances for getting an interview for a particular role will be significantly increased.  




AU$ 70

  • Lowest price for a professional resume
  • Includes standard cover letter
  • Attractive and effective
  • Quality assured



We provide resume writing services to international and interstate clients. It is possible to have a resume written by us and sent to you 

anywhere in Australia or overseas. Other than over 2600 Australian clients, we have provided service to international clients in Japan, Indonesia, 

Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, India, Russia and England.

Resumes by e-mail is fast. It’s cost effective. 

There are 2 prices related to 2 ads. Both ads can be found at GOOGLE.

RESUME    Resume + cover letter $85  [this is the standard price that most clients pay]

CHEAPEST RESUME   Resume + cover letter $70 [this product is popular with clients who have a limited budget]

E-mail us your resume and/ or all relevant information, and we will update/ create a resume for you. Within an agreed time frame, you will receive

your resume by e-mail. It’s simple and convenient. You can email us at


These resumes are written for Executives and various specialists who need to communicate their qualifications, skills, attributes and 

achievements in an appropriate manner. This is important, as the market is highly competitive (in general). ‘Quality’ is the most important element

in relation to these resumes. We allocate at least 5 hours of time for an Executive Resume. Cost - $260.

Payment options:

1) By direct credit to our ANZ Bank account

2) PayPal   


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