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Abdur Quaderi
Managing Consultant
Career Design International 

ABN: 79 850 753 181


Abdur Quaderi migrated to Australia as a management professional during 1994. After being in Australia, he started working in a sales position with Commonwealth Bank and subsequently performed for many other blue chip organisations in sales and coaching roles. These organisations included large reputed enterprises such as AMP, Australian Guarantee Corporation (AGC) and Capital Finance Australia Ltd.

In the mean time, during 1997, he established Career Design, a business that offered management as well as business development opportunities. Later on, during 2002, he established Reliance Business Services. He then moved to Brisbane (Queensland) from Sydney (New South Wales) and the name of Career Design was changed to Career Design International. During 2006, he established Management Trends inBrisbane, Queensland.

During his career, Abdur worked for numerous organisations, which has given him the skills required for effective job search and resume writing. These skills, combined with his creative writing ability has been the foundation for Career Design International. With experience acquired through over 30 organisations in USA, Bangladesh and Australia, Abdur has gained practical business and management skills, upon which Management Trends was built. Out of the various organisations he worked for, 6 were in the Global Fortune 500 list (or their subsidiaries), therefore the training and experience he acquired through these organisations were successfully consolidated and utilised at Career Design International and Management Trends.

Abdur possesses a Master of Commerce degree (specialising in Management). He graduated with First Class (top grade). He has also completed 24 semester hours towards the MBA degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Nova University and Texas Southern University at USA. 

Abdur has served over 2,600 clients (individuals) in 16 years through his own businesses Career Design International, Reliance Business Services and Management Trends. The main services rendered were resume writing, job search consulting, computer training, career training, small business training, management training and management consulting.

Abdur has has written 2 e-books, i.e. '7colours' and 'A VIP from Crickland', which were published during 2014 through Amazon Kindle.



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            MISSION 1) Deliver quality products at affordable prices

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     VISION :       Achieve excellence in product quality and

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